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Brussels ,
Rénovation extension of a familly house
+/- 400m²
K2A Team
Federico Alegria -
Stephane Kervyn -
Alice Dalle -
Ophélie Demulier
2017 to 2020
Images Credits
© Tim Van de Velde

The original house was built at the beginning of the 19th century, at a time when the bourgeoisie wanted to have “villégiature” homes on the outskirts of Brussels. These homes were within walking distance of the fabulous and wild Forêt de Soignes and offered a quick and close escape from city life.

At present, the city has grown, and this neighboring borough is now part of the urban fabric. The home, which has a lush adorning garden, is set back from the street. The main façade faces south.

The clients, a family of 4, wanted to fully renovate this property, enhancing the initial “romantic” architecture, adding plush yet cozy finishings and offering a contemporary layout to home. Plus, the entire home needed to be refurbished : all the previous installations were outdated and inadequate.

The ground floor was opened in such a manner that various new perspectives were offered onto the outside as well as a general sense of generosity and lightness, yet offering various “niches” where one could find more intimacy.