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K2A is an innovative office created thanks to the complicity of two architects, Stéphane KERVYN et Federico ALEGRIA, with diverse international backgrounds. The projects result from a close dialogue and participation between the clients and those involved in their elaboration, from the city council to the construction worker.

The architects and designers in the office continuously work with inventive consultants offering creative solutions to specific issues. They are dedicated to design excellence and strive to contribute positively to the human environment.

The office specializes in architecture, interior design, urban planning and strategic programming. Located in Brussels, K2A works on various types of buildings in Belgium and other neighboring countries.


The design process starts with a clear understanding of the clients’ needs and the dynamics of the brief. This is then translated into significant conceptual foundations. While focusing on cultural and physical characteristics of the site, imposed deadlines, cost control and sustainability, K2A’s projects generate a strong identity and an aesthetic integrity. The practice offers innovative solutions to complex problems and composes meaningful spaces to enrich the human experience.


The notion of sustainability is based on 3 complementary ideas:

  • Efficient-energy buildings to minimize ecological impact: This is implemented practically (layout, organization, orientation, etc.) as well as technically (solar panels, energy-effective mechanical elements, recycled rain water, etc.).
  • Intertwining the building with its natural surrounding: The relationship between architecture and its natural context are fundamental to K2A as they define certain parameters of the design process: Daylight, passive ventilation, shaded glazing, etc.
  • Well-being and environmental awareness: The buildings designed by K2A are meant to enrich and stimulate the human experience and to establish an aesthetic integrity while encouraging environmental responsibility against excessive consumption.


Stéphane Kervyn de Lettenhove

Stéphane Kervyn de Lettenhove (USA, 1974) graduated with an architectural degree from ISA La Cambre in Brussels (1998) and completed his Masters (MS) from Columbia University, NY (2000). He has worked in various international offices (OMA Asia in Hong Kong, Miralles + Tagliabue in Barcelona, Lin-a in Berlin,…) and established K2A with Federico Alegria in 2002. He is a faculty member at ULG Liège (since 2004) where he teaches studio. He’s been a guest critic and lecturer in various universities. He’s a member of the Ordre des Architectes, Brussels.

Federico Alegria Iscoa

Féderico Alegria Iscoa (Brussels, 1973) graduated with an architectural degree from ISA Victor Horta in Brussels (1998) before moving to NY to work for Joel Sanders. Upon his return, he completed his internship in various firms (CW architects & Art & Build) working on different prestigious projects. In 2002, he established K2A with Stéphane Kervyn. He has been a guest critic in a range of universities. He’s a member of the Ordre des Architectes, Brussels.

Samuel Palmers

Senior Partner Architect
Samuel Palmers (Brussels, 1978) graduated with an architectural degree from ISA Victor Horta in Brussels (2002), he started his career at BRAT (urbanism office) from 2002 to 2007 in Brussels and at ARE (architectural office) from 2005 to 2007. He joined K2A in 2007. He’s a member of “Ordre des Architectes”, Brussels.

Béatrice Hug

Senior Architect & Director of Communication
Béatrice HUG (Metz, France, 1981) graduated with an architectural degree from “Ecole d’Architecture de Nancy” (DPLG – 2007) after an Erasmus at ISCAF-La Cambre, Brussels. She started her career at VLDA (Brussels - 2006) and Anorak (Brussels - 2008), before joining K2A in 2009. Among many things, she’s currently designing and building the numerous K2A nurseries.

Denis Vangansbergt

Senior Architect
Denis Vangansbergt (Brussels 1980) graduated with an architectural degree from ISA La Cambre in Brussels (2006). After working in various Belgian offices (such as L’Atelier, F.Haesevoets,…), he moved to Morroco where he worked for 4 years for WWA (Marrakech) on ‘’Plan Azur’’, seaside resort in Essaouira and others vacation housing projects all over the country. Since 2013, He’s back in Belgium and working for K2A. He’s a member of “Ordre des Architectes” in Brussels.