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Renovation of a family house
Under construction
K2A Team
Kervyn -
Alegria -
2016 to 2017

Located on a very prestigious avenue in Brussels, this “Hotel de maître” offers a beautiful façade, sculpted entirely in “pierres de France”. This turn of the 19th century building is listed in the city archives as the “Beaux Arts” style.
Behind the façade however were poorly articulated spaces. As the front façade faces south, the entire back of the building (north) had little natural light and was quite enclosed. The house felt very restricted.
While respecting the historical typology and character of the building, we were asked to do a contemporary intervention in the home. The renovation had to meet the needs of the family while bringing direct sunlight towards the back of the building.
A few strategic walls were removed creating spatial generosity and a lofty atmosphere, certain historical materials (such as the brick entrance) where enhanced, and a subtle material palette (warm-minimalist) was allocated throughout the project.
K2A worked in close collaboration with the owners, who are avid art & furniture collectors with an exquisite taste for details, to offer a unique house delicately defying time.