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News K2A

Thank You Andrea & Bianca

Back to Romania after 4 super months with K2A.
Good luck and see you soon !

K2A in the coutryside...

... with family !

Publication on Discover Benelux
Beginning !

Worksite on the K2A terrace

final straight !

the worksite reaches its end

Beginning !

Worksite 147_house_VRM has begun !

Bright autumn!

a sunny afternoon at Radoux
(c) François Lichtlé

15th International Architecture Exhibition - Venice

Team K2A in the Serbian Pavillon


Kimonos (work of Isabelle de Borchgrave) are installed

New Pool & Garden

soon on line !

Publication Fondation Mons 2015

Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventaires #2 Inventories 2013-2016
projet 073 - pp131

Publication Petite Senne

Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventaires #2 Inventories 2013-2016
projet 097 - pp163

Blücher model

Thank You Youri & Bryan !

Pool fill

Filling the pool with water !!!

Ecotrail of Brussels

team K2A !


final touch on MLR

119_Place Saint Rémy

At the end of a sunny day

254 / FOREST

The photo studio of 254/FOREST recently completed : check out the work that Pierre and his team does (here with Iris Van Herpen)

Publication Fondation Mons 2015

Grand Prix d'Architecture de Wallonie 2015 - pp 113 - Selected project

Summertime clean

starting a new project in a heritage house in Brussels - soon online

Black Stone

metallic stairway being placed

21th of June

(c) Oana Crainic

Black Stone

Bricks and blue skies


after only 3 months since the beginning of worksite


GAEL MAISON n°0165 / AVRIL 2016
pp 88-104


staircase window / h=730 cm / one piece

Black Stone

insulation and roof almost finished

119_Place Saint Rémy

from Google Maps !


the wood frame begins!


large mirror, zero breakage!


foundation work completed !


windows on site

interior window

soon online

publication ELLE BELGIQUE

K2A in ARCHI & DECO...Guide-Gids 2016-2017 - ELLE BELGIQUE - pp 34-35


trees on site !

best wishes

!!! HAPPY 2016 !!!